As part of the  Faces of Migration project, the Czech Diaconia ECCB is launching 3 reports on the impacts and realities of migration flows. The first report details the existing cooperation between Diaconia and the Tahaddi Community center in Lebanon. The second investigates in detail the lives of migrants from the middle east in the Czech Republic. The ‘Myth versus Reality’ report addresses some of the prejudices related to migration flows and contrasts them with numbers and hard evidence.

We invite you to download and read the reports by clicking on the images of each report below:

Cooperation of Diaconia of the ECCB with Tahaddi Community center in Lebanon

Case study: Social remittances of migrants from the Middle East living in the Czech Republic




Myth versus reality (only available in Czech):  MÝTY VERSUS REALITA: Imigrace z Blízkého východu a severní Afriky do České Republiky