Faces of Inequality Themes

  • Social protection for all 
  • Tax justice & decent work 
  • Gender equality and inclusion of socially excluded groups 
  • Climate justice 

Fighting Inequalities

Faces of Inequality changes the perception of inequalities. Changed values and cultures will prepare the ground for the systemic changes needed. This is connected with concrete struggles example for decent work and social protection.

Faces of Inequality activities

  • Grassroots Research and Analysis: Faces of Inequality publications 
  • Awareness raising and capacity building 
  • Bottom-Up Mobilisation and Campaigning 
  • Advocacy and Monitoring 
  • Civil Society Coordination and Alliance Building 

Reports by our National Coalitions about inequalities:

Report from India Report from Malawi Report from South Korea Report from Afghanistan

Leave No Woman Behind

The double/multiple discrimination of women is a crucial issue—for the individual girls and women, but also in numbers: 600 million women alone live with a disability. Many of them face discrimination as women and as people with disability. These women are excluded from political processes locally, nationally and do not have access to regional and global levels. There they fight for political participation. ln this space we can fight together for their rights and ensure they are not left behind. Leave No Woman Behind is currently working in Ghana, Mali, and Kenya especially with women and girls with disabilities.