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Women with disabilities making policy demands in Ghana

Disabled people are still viewed as a burden to their families and objects of pity. They are not expected to be seen in social gatherings and, if they do go, they attract uninvited looks.

Patience, polio survivor
September 2019, Ghana

I took my child with disability to special school, but the child dropped out of school because she became too heavy to carry and I could not afford a wheelchair.

Patience, polio survivor
September 2019, Ghana

LNWB team meeting with AU on accessibility to Beijing+25 meeting in Addis Ababa - Oct 2019

LNWB activists arriving at Beijing+25 in Addis Ababa demanding accessibility - Oct 2019

Faces of Inequality Campaign

Faces of Inequality changes the perception of inequalities. Changed values and cultures will prepare the ground for the systemic changes needed. This is connected with concrete struggles example for decent work and social protection.

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