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People’s Assembly 2022 toolkit

People´s Assemblies on the local and constituency level take place from July – September 2022 leading the bottom-up process toward regional assemblies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe and culminating in the Global Week of Action from 16 to 25 September 2022.

The 2022 People´s Assemblies TOOLKIT is available here, you can also download it here. It is also available in French and Spanish.

GCAP mobilises to demand an end to the rising poverty and hunger situation arising out of the COVID pandemic, inequalities, climate change and lately the war and inflation, ensuring free and universal vaccination & social protection linking to Agenda 2030.

Hashtags:  #PeoplesAssembly #Act4SDGs and #FliptheScript

Global People’s Assembly 2021

The Global People’s Assembly took place from September 21-23 2021. Inputs from the 19 sessions of the Global People´s Assembly and the outcomes of National People´s Assemblies in 28 countries, obtained through bottom-up processes, resulted in a Global People´s Assembly Declaration (also available in Spanish and French).

The full recording of the Global People´s Assembly 2021 is available further below, a playlist with clips from Global People´s Assembly 2021 can be found here:


The Global People’s Assembly Objectives:

  1. Provide a platform for people’s voices from around the world that can feature at the forefront of the UNGA Summit – including national, constituency and regional People’s Assemblies from around the world.
  2. Review the impacts caused by COVID-19. Develop demands and actions –  including for the People’s Vaccine within  the context of the 2030 Agenda. Discuss the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement  and make recommendations.
  3. Bring the united voice of the Global People’s Assembly to the UN GA, governments and UN organisations
  4. Strengthen the cooperation between CSO networks for civil society actions and people’s movements

The Global People’s Assembly is based on local, constituency and national People’s Assemblies – in 28 countries:

The Global People´s Assembly was coordinated by GCAP  in cooperation with 30 regional and global networks. The Agenda of the Global People´s Assembly can be found here, the recordings in full length are available in the playlist below:

For more information on National People´s Assemblies, visit the main website –, where individuals and organizations were invited to submit additional inputs and where additional resources such as a social media toolkit is available. The main hashtag used: #PeoplesAssembly #Act4SDGs, see also the Trello Board with images.


28 National People´s Assemblies took place in 2021 across four continents:


Bangladesh – 26 September 2021
National People’s Assembly on SDGs
Organised by Noakhali Rural Development Society/ GCAP Bangladesh
Download the Agenda of the event here


Cambodia – 28 September 2021
Civil Society Dialogues/People’s Assembly
Organised by Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)/GCAP Cambodia
Download here
the result of the People’s Assembly


India – 28 September 2021
National People’s Assembly – bringing together voices from marginalized communities
Organised by GCAP India/ Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA)
Download the Charter of Demands here


Nepal – 17-28 September  2021
Global Goals Week with People´s Assembly
Organised by NGO Federation of Nepal/ GCAP Nepal
Download the concept note of the Global Goals Week here

Pakistan –
23 September 2021
People´s Assembly on SDGs
Organised by Pakistan Development Alliance/GCAP Pakistan
Download the narrative report here


Philippines – 30 September 2021
People´s Assembly
Organised by the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)/ GCPA Philiipines
Read the outcome document here


Sri Lanka – 30 September 2021
People´s Assembly
Organised by SUNFO Peoples Movement/GCAP Sri Lanka
The charter of demands is available here



Ghana – 27 September 2021
People’s Assembly to mark Global Week of Action 2021
Organised by Abibinsroma Foundation/GCAP Ghana
Click here to download the final report


Mauritius – 17 September 2021
National Mobilisation – Global Week of Action 2021
Organised by Halley Movement and Pan-Mauritius Coalition/ GCAP Mauritius
Download the final report of the event here


Nigeria – 25 September 2021
National People´s Assembly
Organised by NNNGO/GCAP Nigeria
Download the narrative report here, the press release here, and an article in a national newspaper here.


Togo – 13-28 September 2021
Assemblies and workshops in the Global Week of Action 2021
Organised by GCAP Togo
Download the narrative report here


Senegal – 22 September 2021
National People´s Assembly
Organised by CAAPOST-2015 Senegal/GCAP Senegal
Download the outcome report here and the resulting political position paper here.


Kenya – 20-25 September 2021
Global Day of Action and People´s Assembly
Organised by Ahadi Achievers Empowerment/GCAP Kenya
Download the narrative report here.


Zambia – 21 September 2021
National People´s Assembly for a healthy, green and just recovery in Zambia
Organised by Civil Society SDGs Campaign Zambia/ GCAP Zambia
Download the progress report here



Latin America and the Caribbean


Argentina – 23 September 2021
National People´s Assembly
Organised by PAMPA2030/ GCAP Argentina
Download the narrative report here


El Salvador – 10 & 11 July 2021
National Encounter/Assembly
Organised by Enlaces por la Sustentabilidad/GCAP El Salvador
Download the report and declaration of the event here


Guatemala – 27 September 2021
Assembly to assess SDG implementation in Guatemala
Organised by Tzuk Kim-pop/ GCAP Guatemala
Download the narrative report here


Nicaragua – 28 October 2021
National Assembly Nicaragua
Organised by RENICC/ GCAP Nicaragua
Download the agenda here and the outcome document here



GCAP Constituency Group


Global – 22  September 2021
People´s Assembly of CDWD
Organised by Social Justice DWD Task Force
The recording of the event can be found here




  2020 People’s Assemblies


Toolkit for the 2020 Virtual People’s Assemblies

During the Global Week of Action (18-26 September) People’s Assemblies are being held in:


  • Bangladesh26 September 2020

National People’s Assembly
Organised by GCAP Bangladesh
Date: Sept 26, Time: tbc
Contact, Abdul Awal @

  • Japan25 September 2020

· “Vegan SDGs Cake Event” in “Shinjuku Dialogue”, a cafe and meeting space. Discussion mainly targeting LGBTI communities
· Workshop on Japan SDGs College. Workers and small farmers will participate among others.

Organized by Japan Civil Society Netowrk on SDGs (GCAP Japan)
Date: Sept 25, Time: tbc
Contact, Masaki Inaba,

  • India 24 September 2020

National People’s Assembly & Release of the 100 HotSpots Study
Organised by Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (GCAP India)
Date: 24 September 2020, 2.30 – 4 pm Indian Time
Contact, Annie Namala @

WNTA thematic people’s assembly on Climate Action
Date: 25 September 2020, 11-12 Indian Time

WNTA thematic people’s assembly on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions in Indian Context on the occasion of SDG week of action
Date: 23 Sept 3 – 4 pm

  • Nepal25 September 2020

National SDGs Summit (National People’s Assembly)
Organised by NGO Federation of Nepal (GCAP Nepal)
Date: Sept 25, 2 pm – 4.30 pm Nepal time
Contact, Arjun Bhattarai @ – see more info below

  • Pakistan24 September 2020

National People’s Assembly on SDGs
Organised by Pakistan Development Alliance (GCAP Pakistan)
Date: Sept 24, 10 am Islamabad time
Contact Zia-Ur Rehman @ – see more info below

Charter of Demands: National People’s Assembly on SDGs in Pakistan 

People’s Assembly on SDGs and Human Rights: What now with COVID?
Organised by GCAP Philippines
Date: Sept 24, 4 – 6 pm Manila Time
Contact, Beckie Malaya @ – see more info below

  • Sri Lanka26 September 2020

People’s Assembly for SDG fifth Anniversary
Organised by SUNFO (GCAP Sri Lanka)
Date: Sept 26, 9.15 am – 12.15 pm (Colombo Time
Contact, Wije @ – see more info below


  • Ghana25 September 2020
  • Kenya25 September 2020
  • Malawi25 September 2020
  • Mali25 September 2020

  • Senegal24 September 2020

  • Tanzania25 September 2020
  • Uganda25 September 2020
  • Zambia25 September 2020 – Charter of Demands & Press Release
  • Zimbabwe25 September 2020



People’s Assemblies are also planned in 5 countries in Latin America and 7 countries in Europe.


2019 People’s Assembly

24 and 25 September 2019
parallel to the SDG Summit in the Church Center – opposite the UN, New York

People’s Assembly Declaration – 25 September 2019 –  EN | ES | FR | IT | SK

#PeoplesAssembly2019 | #StandTogetherNow

Download the People’s Assembly Program

While Heads of State met on 24 and 25 September 2019 for the SDG Summit to review the progress of Agenda 2030, 22 partners including GCAP organized a parallel People’s Assembly. The People’s Assembly brought together people’s representatives and civil society from around the world to give grassroots and marginalised people a voice. Most importantly, it was a space for all to jointly analyse the structural reasons for the injustices, act and plan for common future actions to create systemic change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Civil society plays a key role in advocating and implementing much needed change and to work on the structural causes of poverty and inequalities. However, we are being threatened and civic space to work is dwindling. Civil Society must fight back together and reclaim our space. We are at the crossroads, as inequality has risen to unsustainable levels and climate change is causing incalculable damage. We can implement change or continue with the status quo. We are determined to act to save the planet and humanity, particularly ensure that no one is left behind.

To galvanise people’s voice across the world, we organised a Global Week of Action from 20 – 27 September together with partners, with joint mobilizations and mass actions across movements & borders for Voice – Equality – Climate and Environmental Justice – #StandTogetherNow.

The main themes of the People’s Assembly were

  1. Civic Space (voices)
  2. Inequalities
  3. Climate and Environmental Justice

The objectives of the People’s Assembly were to:

  1. Bring the “People’s Voices” to the fore at the SDG Summit
  2. Strategize to reclaim civil society space
  3. Discuss the implementation of Agenda 2030 and make recommendations for a stronger accountability mechanism
  4. Strengthen the cooperation with various CSO networks and INGOs for civil society actions and people’s movement

The Political Declaration was approved by the Heads of State on 24 September 2019. The People’s Assembly has taken the opportunity to make an alternative declaration.

2019 Global People’s Assembly Partners:

  • Asia Dalits Rights Forum
  • PACJA – Pan African Climate Justice Alliance
  • Major Group for Children and Youth
  • Women’s Major Group
  • NGO Major Group
  • Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD)
  • ActionAid
  • Bread for the World, Germany
  • Gray Panthers
  • CPDE – CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness
  • Forus
  • Global Policy Forum
  • TAP Network
  • Centre for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)
  • SDG Watch Europe
  • Heinrich Boell Foundation Washington, DC
  • Climate, Land, Ambition and Rights Alliance (CLARA)
  • Trust Africa


Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)

Financial contributors:

ActionAid, Bread for the World, Heinrich Boell Foundation Washington, DC, VOICE, EU and contributions from several other of the partners.


To get in contact with us, please email