Whether we like it or not COVID is a disease of poverty, powerlessness, inequities and injustice – a disease of the disadvantaged – and gets entrenched in the poorest communities. We can only get rid of COVID if we respond together.

Dr David Nabarro – Special Envoy to the UN Secretary-General on COVID-19

Responding together is key to overcome the COVID social, economic and health crisis caused by the pandemic. The Leave No Woman Behind 6 part mini-series of publications investigates regional and thematic dynamics which perpetuate multiple discrimination of women but also propose policy-based solutions.

The 6-part-series offers different formats to reach the largest possible audience (all cover pages below):

  • The Global Report (Summary), condensed into just 10 pages, offers the least amount of detail but a solid global understanding of the complete 6 part series.
  • The full 88-page Global Report combines all 4 chapters mentioned below, together with an extended Executive Summary, preceded by the GCAP Director´s Message.
  • The Global Overview is the first of four chapters (1/4) of the global report. The publication provides on 26 pages an excellent and detailed account of the general challenges the global pandemic represents for women who face multiple discrimination, such as old age or women migrants.
  • The DWD Woman is the second chapter (2/4) of the global reports. On 26 pages the report investigates the fate of women who face discrimination based on Work and Descent (DWD) in South Asia, Europe and Latin America.
  • The Woman with Disabilities in Africa investigates exactly what the title suggests on 22 pages and is chapter three in the global report (3/4).
  • The Indigenous Woman in Asia is a comprehensive investigation of not only the direct causes of the pandemic, such as linguistic barriers to inform indigenous communities, land grabbing and gender-based violence are amongst the topics investigated. The third chapter (4/4) concludes with recommendations in line with the structure of previous sections.

The goal of the Leave No Woman Behind project is that women who face multiple discriminations, exploitation, abuse and/or violence take part in national and global processes to protect their rights and work for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that no woman is left behind. In the first phase, the project works mainly with women and girls with disabilities.

Global Report (Summary) 10 pages

The full 88-page Global Report

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Chapter 3
Chapter 4