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Informe sobre la participación de FOCO/INPADE y GCAP LAC en el Foro de los Países de América Latina y el Caribe sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible de la CEPAL, sobre los procesos de la región en la implementación de la AGENDA 2030

FOTO DE Representantes de PAMPA2030 JUNTO A Alicia Bárcena (CGT Marita González, CTA Andrés Larigoistia y Agustina Carpio FOCO y GCAP LAC) El Foro, que este año se celebró del…
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Joint C20 policy brief: Fair Transitions in the Future of Work

GCAP Argentina / FOCO and several other organizations from the region met on 30 October 2018 at a multi-stakeholder round table within the framework of Civil 20 (C20), that also…
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Nobel Peace Prize

The 2017 Nobel Prize has been awarded to Juan Manuel Santos. For GCAP this is a relevant choice. We consider commitment for peace and justice as fundamental and inseparable. Fighting…
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Voices of the Marginalised

Dear GCAP friends and activists, Reflections and analysis from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) enable us to learn what effect that the policies designed to achieve the MDGs had on…
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El Salvador: Climate Action

As activists prepare for one of the largest climate days in history - some 250,000 people are expected to march in New York on Sunday 21 September - a broad…
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