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Open letter: EU Must Seize Opportunity to Adopt New Political Vision and Give Global Leadership on Sustainable Development

GCAP and a coalition of EU CSOs led by SDG Watch Europe has written an Open Letter to EU Leaders. Urgent need for a new political vision for EU In advance…
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High-Level Political Forum: call on European Commission to report on SDG performance in 2019

The European civil society, called on the European Union to make the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda a reality through a letter addressed to the First Vice President of the European…
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6th Scenario – A sustainable Europe for its Citizens

Why and how? In a scenario where sustainability sits firmly at the heart of the European project,the EU27 will prioritise the interests of citizens, in the EU and beyond. Europe…
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GCAP Global Council Meeting in Bonn, Germany from the 3rd-5th of March 2017

The GCAP Global Council met in Bonn, Germany from the 3rd- 5th of March 2017. At the meeting plans for the new Inequality Campaign was one main topic of discussion…
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