ActionAid has been implementing programs for school students and active youth groups at Epikentro, ActionAid’s Educational Centre in the heart of Athens. The educational programs aim to foster knowledge and skills on SDGs, sustainable cities and migration.

The main program is called “Towards Land(E)scape” and it’s an educational program, which stimulates our empathy regarding refugees and migrants, through interactive activities and techniques of the theater of the oppressed. The main goal is for participants to think critically and reflect on what is happening in their community and the society in general.

When the refugee crisis became a reality in everyday life, the educational community was looking for extra tools in order to stimulate and raise awareness about immigrants and refugees. For this reason, ActionAid decided to speak about these issues, because in the Greek community there were signs of racist and xenophobic speech. Moreover, the education programs promote SDGs and sustainability in parallel with tackling xenophobia with the aim to inspire young people to create a better world based on SDGs.