“The road to Ljubljana” is a documentary film that presents two journeys of Migration for one valuable message “Migration is a natural human activity, but hate is not! Choose love”.

In October 2020 two migrant women in Slovenia met for the first time. Through the human library, they exchanged questions and assisted each other in writing and formulating their stories as an important message for social change toward inclusion and equality. They developed a solid friendship and created a circle of trust.

“The Road to Ljubljana,” tells the stories of Safa Saad, a migrant woman from Iraq who lives in Ljubljana, and Mateja Varga a migrant woman from Slovenia who migrated from a village to Ljubljana.

The stories question social inequalities that are built on homophobia and xenophobia. The film advocates for the achievement of gender equality SDG5, and decent work and economic growth SDG8.

Screenwriters: Samar Zughool, Safa Saad, Mateja Varga.

Narrated and performed by Samar Zughool, Safa Saad, Saša Serdenšik, Mateja Varga.

Editor: Katja Doberšek.

Director: Samar Zughool.