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2021 will be another challenging year for recovery and resilience with respect to sustainable development and, in this context, for the migration policy of the European Union (EU), given the continuing pressure of migration at the borders as a result of the economic and social crises in neighboring and Sahel countries. This background paper produced by FOCSIV as part of the Faces of Migration project, investigates 8 questions about the near future of migration between Africa and the EU.

The first question concerns, of course, the impact of the Covid crisis on migration and, in particular, on restrictions to mobility.

The second reflects on how unequal access to vaccines and uneven economic recovery between countries will lead to new pressure towards migration.

The third emphasizes the need to create jobs for all in both countries of origin and destination of migration, with an important role for development cooperation.

The fourth highlights the need for new partnership agreements between the EU and third countries to better govern migration, providing regular and safe channels.

The fifth highlights the new emerging crises in the Sahel and how it is important that the EU provides itself with a real common reception system.

The sixth point investigates the main migration routes to Europe, and the seventh recalls the negotiation of the new Pact on Migration and Asylum which is unbalanced on the external dimension with a view to contain the flows without a real structural proposal for reception and regular channels.

Finally, the eighth takes stock of the new data on movements and asylum requests, highlighting the decline in 2020, and the need to monitor the changes taking place in 2021.

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