GCAP expresses deep regret and concern about the coup d’état or military takeover in Mali.

Indeed, Mali is a Sahel country already in the grip of multiple jihadist violence in recent years. There is also a COVID-19 induced socio-political and economic crisis, which makes the situation more worrying and more complex

GCAP categorically denies any form of legitimacy to the putschists and demands the immediate restoration of constitutional order and the immediate release of all those arrested.

GCAP invites all stakeholders to work for the restoration of constitutional institutions and the release of the arrested authorities.

GCAP calls on the people, political parties and civil society of Mali to respect the rule of law and engage in constructive dialogue to address the crisis.

The political stability of the region, of Mali and the fight against terrorism must remain the top priorities.

GCAP invites all African institutions especially ECOWAS and the African Union to intervene in an impartial, participatory and democratic manner and identify solutions in line with the aspirations of the people of Mali.