Dear Leaders of the G7 and G20,

Our world is at a turning point. We need to transform a system that is no longer fit for purpose, and this time it will take all of us. We urge you to come together to lead this effort, to uphold universal principles of care and cooperation, and ensure we crack the converging crises of COVID-19, injustice, climate change and nature.

As a movement of movements we are calling on you to lead a once in a generation effort. To deliver a Great Recovery Plan with action in three key areas:


  • Vaccines For All:
    • Mobilise $30 Bn per year plus additional resourcing to fund vaccine manufacturing and roll-out in the poorest countries.
    • Immunise over 60% of the population by end 2021 to get COVID under control.
    • Put people before profits by waiving patents and sharing technology to scale up vaccine production and drive down the cost of vaccines.
  • Universal Healthcare – Ensure everyone on earth has access to free, public and high quality healthcare.  Support millions of new doctors, nurses and other health workers to make this a reality, with better pay and conditions for those on the frontline.
  • Grow our Future – Invest in healthy and regenerative food systems which end hunger and malnutrition and provide farmers with a fair share of the value they create.


  • End Fossil Fuel Finance – Shift capital flows toward clean and green R&D and solutions that power the future ethically and sustainably, harnessing renewable sources.
  • Protect Our Planet – Protect the ecosystems on which all life depends. Enact a global safety net with half of all land and sea set aside for wildlife as part of a global deal for nature and deliver on the Paris Agreement to limit temperature rise to 1.5C with $1.5 Tn in finance.
  • Help People Adapt – Ensure 1% of GDP is invested in supporting resilience, development and adaptation to climate change, to transform our economies and unleash a green revolution and create millions of jobs.


  • End Extreme Inequality – Keep your promise to make poverty history with a new social contract that protects workers rights and pay with minimum. Drop the debt and not the aid, introduce a universal corporation tax and systems that distribute wealth more equitable throughout society, ensuring workers are paid well and their rights respected. Mak trade fair.
  • Protect Civil Rights – Ensure support for civic expression, democracy and larger freedoms, which includes the rights of campaigners to speak out, as well as workers to organise collectively and bargain for improvements in pay and conditions to reinvent the future of work.
  • Fair Economic Systems – Redesign economies with recovery packages that deliver a fairer, safer, greener and healthier future for all with a minimum social protection floor. Ensure support reaches the most affected communities, including women, racial minorities, young people, migrants and other vulnerable groups.

Together, in this Decisive Decade, we have an historic opportunity to be a generation that averts depression and fallout, marshaling all available resources, to support a great recovery that restores our common future. Will you help lead this effort?

Download the letter as PDF here.