Join GCAP, SDG Watch Europe and others for our HLPF side event on Thursday, 11 July to discuss inequalities in the EU via our report Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in Europe and beyond.


Report launch

‘Falling through the cracks:
Exposing inequalities in the European Union and beyond’

SDG 10 in the EU

11 July 2019 – 10:30 to 12:00
UN Church Center, 2nd Floor – 777 United Nations Plaza, New York

There is just over a decade left to achieve the Leave No One Behind principle of Agenda 2030 and of SDG 10 – Reduce Inequality within and between countries. ‘Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in the European Union and beyond’ is the report of European civil society on SDG 10 in Europe and the impact on inequalities in other countries. The global launch of the report will be at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) for Sustainable Development where SDG 10 will be reviewed. The report provides national pictures of the various forms of inequalities and an overview of inequalities at the EU level. The document also focuses on different dimensions of inequalities in its thematic chapters.

The report is structured around:

  • 15 national reports highlighting the state of inequalities in each of the participating countries
  • 11 thematic chapters on individual, but interrelated dimensions of inequality
  • EU-level analysis of Europe-wide trends relating to inequalities, the European Union’s commitments in the fight against inequalities, as well as a comparative analysis of how EU member countries have performed

The session will consist of:

  • Introduction to the report – Ingo Ritz, Global Call to Action Against Poverty
  • Inequalities in countries – presentation of National Reports:
    • Spain: Marco Gordillo, Futuro en Común
    • Slovenia: Robert Križanič, POVOD
  • Presentation of thematic chapters and recommendations:
    • Persons with Disabilities: Kamil Goungour, European Disability Forum
    • Youth: Tina Hocevar, European Youth Forum
    • Environment: Nick Meynen, European Environmental Bureau
    • Development Cooperation and Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development: Sofia Svarfvar, CONCORD Europe
  • Responses:
    • Representative from the office of the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda,
      Spanish Government (tbc)
    • European Commission (tbc)
  • Q&A and open-floor discussion