GCAP and our partners have organized a number of side events in preparation for and during the HLPF 2020, which will be held 7-16 July. Due to the pandemic, all the events will be held virtually, the benefit of which is that they are accessible to many more people. We invite you and your colleagues to attend as many as you can!


Saturday, 4 July

Preparatory Webinar by Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (GCAP India)
11:00-12:00 GMT

Given that many of us are engaged at the national, regional and global levels on HLPF and raising issues, and to encourage more such participation in global processes, WNTA would like to take this opportunity to invite you for an hour-long preparatory webinar on the HLPF 2020. The purpose of the consultation is to gain an overview/structure of the HLPF and regional, global processes, share information on some major sessions and registration process, identify sessions being held by any of our friends and colleagues, and identify spaces to engage and participate in the HLPF.

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Side Events during HLPF

Tuesday, 7 July

SDG Delivery for older persons and persons with disabilities post COVID-19
16:00-17:30 GMT

This official side event will look at the COVID-19 experience to identify learnings and opportunities to build a more age and disability-inclusive world, and accelerate action to achieve the SDGs for all.

Alice Appiah from Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations will speak for their joint Leave No Woman Behind project with GCAP.

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Wednesday, 8 July

CSOs coalitions’ role in the Decade of Action after Covid-19
12:00-13:30 GMT

This side event will explore the crucial role played by civil society organisations in guaranteeing a ‘whole of society’ approach in both the SDG monitoring and review process around Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) as well as for the recovery measures after COVID-19. Speakers will include CSOs representatives from Austria, Spain, Canada, India, Nigeria, France and government representatives from Austria, France, Spain and Nigeria (TBC).

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Thursday, 9 July

Making Voices Heard and Count: Community-driven data as transformative means for accelerated action and SDG delivery
12:00-14:00 GMT

In this interactive virtual event, we will present case studies from Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh and India, showcase online platforms for community-driven data collection, and discuss with expert stakeholders from national and global organisations. The objective is to reflect on the potential of community-driven data to serve as a transformative means for accelerating SDG implementation and improving SDG monitoring and review.

For a registration link, please contact Peter Koblowsky at pkoblowsky@icscentre.org.

Friday, 10 July

Accelerating ‘whole of society’ action on SDG implementation through innovative civil society partnerships
10:30-12:00 GMT

This side event explores the 2030 Agenda’s commitments to ‘leave no one behind’ and ‘whole of society’ approaches fostered through knowledge sharing and innovative partnerships including between CSOs and governments, between CSOs themselves, and diverse multi-stakeholder partnerships. 

It also explores how innovative, diverse partnerships and South-South Cooperation can connect partners in VNR reporting countries this year, and enable mutual learning and sharing of best practices.

GCAP Director Ingo Ritz is a panellist.

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A Comprehensive Framework on Appropriate Technology Choice for Sustainable Development
12:00-13:00 GMT

As we reach 5 years of the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the SDGs, we are going through a major setback  by the COVID pandemic. Our efforts to keep up with physical distancing and practising vital health protocols have forced us to migrate to virtual communications and the increased use of digital platforms that seem to define the kind of technology we all need to connect to. Are these technologies the ones that would really matter to those who are left behind?  What technologies do we really need to sustain development especially in communities of poor people? This side event will examine these issues.

GCAP Philippines and GCAP Japan are co-organisers, and GCAP Co-Chair Rebecca Malay is a speaker.

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GCAP Side Event: Leave No One Behind during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Decade of Action
16:00-17:30 GMT

This event will examine the especially adverse impact of the pandemic on the poorest and most vulnerable, critically introspecting on our engagement with economic development. It will also reflect upon the accountability mechanisms of the Agenda 2030 including the VNR process itself, which is a primary tool of accountability. It will discuss the ways ahead to achieve the SDGs so that we avert situations like COVID-19 and its impact. Our focus of discussion will be on SDGs 1, 2, 5, 10, 13 and 16 apart from the general discussion on the Agenda 2030 framework.

GCAP, GCAP Nepal, GCAP India, GCAP Zimbabwe, GCAP Nigeria and Latindadd are co-organisers. Paul Divakar of GCAP’s Social Justice Task Force on Discrimination Based on Work and Descent will moderate.

Join the Zoom meeting here.

Tuesday, 14 July

Whole of society for an accelerated Decade of Action
12:00-13:00 GMT

This event will consider best practice for CSO engagement in the follow up and review process and will share key experience in engagement of community groups from the national, regional to the global level. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of putting in place genuinely inclusive processes, including interactive digital engagement. Speakers will include key civil society coalitions and officials from the Governments of Switzerland, Kenya and Nepal.

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Wellbeing of Vulnerable DWD communities in COVID19: Mitigation Measures for Transformative Development
15:00-16:00 GMT

Please join us on Tuesday, 14 July 2020 for this HLPF side event co-organized by GCAP on the wellbeing of vulnerable DWD (Discrimination Based on Work and Descent) communities during COVID-19.

Join the Zoom meeting here.

GCAP Side Event: Catalysing action at the frontlines to support communities to achieve transformative pathways in the decade of action and delivery
17:00-18:00 GMT

This year is the first year of the Decade of Action but the impact of Covid-19 has led to massively increased challenges to delivery of the promises of transformation, more than 500 civil society groups came together in a Global Day of Solidarity to highlight that we are #StrongerTogether on 22 May. This event will hear stories of frontline activists and share key plans for the coming months in the build up to the September Week of Action around the 25th September 5 year anniversary of the Goals. GCAP is the organiser.

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