People´s Assemblies on the local and constituency level take place from July – September 2022 leading the bottom-up process toward regional assemblies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe and culminating in the Global Week of Action from 16 to 25 September 2022.

We invite you to the Global People’s Assembly from 20 to 22 September!
Find the Programme 2022 HERE, it is also available in Español and Français.

Register for the online events here, each day has a separate invitation link, all registration links are also available in the detailed program available above:

The Global #PeoplesAssembly is part of the Global Week of Action #Act4SDGs from 16 to 25 September. Thousands of organisations and individuals are active during the week to demand the implementation of the SDGs from their governments. Learn more by visiting the Act4SDGs website.

Peoples’ Assemblies are planned in 27 countries by GCAP coalitions – 15 in Africa, 6 in Asia, 5 in Latin America and the Caribbean and 1 in Europe. Learn about how to participate by checking out this People’s Assembly ToolkitThese assemblies organised at the national level will give inputs into the regional and constituency assemblies as part of the Global People’s Assembly.

The impact of Covid is still strong in many countries – especially because of vaccine inequality. The debt crisis has led to austerity when increased spending in the social sector is needed. The high inflation of food and energy – further aggravated by the war against the Ukraine – and the increased impact of climate change have resulted in more people living in poverty and hunger than before.

Join #FlipTheScript stunt

Next year, 2023, will be the mid-way point to achieve the SDGs. If we don’t bring radical changes in the policies, we won’t reach them.

Therefore, we call upon all of you to passionately mobilise in the Global Week of Action – let’s globally unite with the FliptheScript StuntFind more information on the Stunt here.

Invite your community. Feel free to share this information to your circles of influence.

We hope to get good outreach and many participants for this important event!