GCAP supports the “Protecting Our Planet, Empowering Our Peoples”campaign to ratify or accede to the #EscazuAgreement

We urgently call on all States to ratify or accede to the #EscazúAgreement, reaffirming their commitment to robust measures that guarantee access rights (#AccessToInformation #PublicParticipation #AccessToJustice) and protect our environmental defenders.

We firmly affirm that the #EscazúAgreement is a vital instrument and a major leap forward in safeguarding human rights within democratic societies and environmental governance. By ensuring public participation and prioritizing the well-being of our environmental defenders, it paves the way for a more democratic and sustainable approach to environmental challenges. #StandForEscazú #ProtectOurPlanet #environmentalrights 

Read and sign-on the full statement here https://bit.ly/3oH6QQf 

Si desea obtener más información en español https://forms.gle/CFKZBNLGkWvNBjbT7

For our English-speaking audience, see here: https://forms.gle/kisxKQGzsCcaVsoj6