Dear Colleagues,

On September 25th 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all members states of the United Nations (UN). We are organizing a global action for the two year anniversary on the 25th September 2017 under the slogan “We the People – take Action for SDGs!”. Many governments publicly congratulate themselves on the progress on the SDGs. But accountability mechanism are weak and the overall implementation has been slow, uneven and non-inclusive. A clear picture of progress of individual countries and the international community can only be achieved if governments work with citizens and civil society on national implementation plans.

A brief information pack around the actions in September can be found HERE. Please register your actions here 

A toolkit will also be sent in the coming weeks.
GCAP mobilizes a global alliance of civil society groups to organise hundreds of public mobilization events around the world. In cooperation with the UN SDG Action campaign we organise the following Webinars to inform about the actions:
English Webinar: 30 August, 11:00 (GMT) | Register
Spanish Webinar: 30 August, 14:00 (GMT) | Register
French Webinar: 4 September, 10:00 (GMT) | Register

Let’s come together in community marches, town hall meetings, photo stunts and online actions!
Please join the Webinars and the actions!

In solidarity,
Ingo Ritz
Director of Programmes