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Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce the new Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) website at our new domain –!

We’ve been busy here in the Global Secretariat these past months creating not only a new design for GCAP, but also a website that showcases the breadth and depth of our network and highlights the GCAP National Coalitions.

Please explore the site and learn more about us, our work on the Agenda 2030, as well as the Faces of Inequality Campaign, and read our latest news.

Here are the highlights!

whiteband → 

Many in the movement remember and identify GCAP with the whiteband, that was the symbol of our mobilisation starting in 2005 with the Make Poverty History campaign. Since then, the campaign and movement has changed. Those who are new to the movement perhaps don’t remember the whitebands, but know us as GCAP. Therefore we’ve created the new domain You’ll notice though, that the whiteband is still there – circling the globe in our logo!

National Coalitions

GCAP is made up of over 11,000 civil society organizations in 58 National Coalitions. Each coalition works with grassroots organizations and at national level throughout the year, on the most relevant issues in their own country. Together, we defend and promote human rights, gender justice, social justice, climate justice and the security needed for the dignity and peace of all.These are the core of GCAP and the new website. You can now navigate through the world and explore each coalition and their work in each region – AfricaAsiaEurope, & Latin America & Caribbean.

Faces of Inequality Campaign 

GCAP’s global Faces of Inequality Campaign aims to end inequalities in all its different forms – gender, income, wealth, geographical, environmental, abilities, justice, ethnic, et al. So many of us have stories to tell that are not being heard. Faces of Inequality works in a bottom up approach – locally, regionally, nationally & globally.

The goal is to eradicate poverty by ending inequalities and to protect human rights – to make “Leave No One Behind” a reality. The campaign gives social exclusion, poverty and discrimination a face – and shows the extreme wealth and injustices as tax avoidance of multinational companies.

Here you can learn about the campaign, be inspired and join, and find the latest information, as well as on our work to Leave No Woman Behind.

Agenda 2030

GCAP played a key role the creation of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2015, we mobilized 32 million people to act against Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change. As part of the negotiations, GCAP successfully insisted on the centrality of addressing inequalities and guaranteeing the active participation of people in the Agenda 2030 – SDG 10, is one result. Here you can read more about this as well as our history.

GCAP is also behind the Global Day of Action that marks the anniversary of the SDGs, which has become a key moment in the year where we have rallied the whole world to together #Act4SDGs. In 2018, a million people took part in 1662 actions in 143 countries.

In addition, many GCAP coalitions have produced civil society reports on the Voluntary National Reviews for the High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF) that are also featured on the site.

Our great design team!

We also want to give a big thanks to Andrew Weber and his team, Esther Rizo and Benji Bilheimer, who built our beautiful new site. He is behind the new design for our public identity, which is fresh, modern, human and expresses the GCAP values of solidarity, justice and equality. They have done a great job of creating a fresh new look and connecting the past 13 years of GCAP’s work with the future.

In solidarity,

Tanja Gohlert
Head of Global Communications


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