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Dear friends,

The year is already coming to an end and we are gearing up for a great and full 2019!

The Campaign

In 2018 we launched the Faces of Inequality Campaign all over the world and now in the new year we will come together to make it successful.

The campaign aims to end inequalities in all its different forms – gender, income, wealth, geographical, environmental, abilities, political, ethnic… A crucial step to end inequalities is to give them a face.

In order to do so…

The Toolkit 

With the inputs from around the world we have created a great Faces of Inequality Campaign toolkit! See & download the toolkit here. We will also have French and Spanish versions available.

This toolkit is a guide to help you create your own actions.

On these key dates in 2019, we plan to mobilize together in order to have the greatest impact!

  • 8 March – International Women’s Day – 11-22 March Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
  • 8-19 July – High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF)
  • 21-25 September – Global Days of Action – the main week of the year – mobilisation on inequalities and climate change! 
    23-24 September – UNGA & HLPF with the Heads of State – SDG Summit and Climate Summit

What are the actions?

1.    Equality Circles 
Bring groups of people together to share about their perspectives on inequalities; their experiences & challenges and their solutions. And to act together.

2.    Videos and Photos: Faces of Inequality – Faces of Equality

Inequalities are everywhere – and the best way to highlight them are to give them a face and a voice. Take pictures and videos of people to share their stories, their perspective and demands

3.    Faces of Inequality Reports 
The reports are a tool to analyse, to publish about inequalities, inequity, social injustice and exclusion and to influence decision makers. They can be done for a country or a constituency group in a country, a region or globally. Let’s create a more complete picture of inequalities globally.

4.    Mobilisation 
Mobilisation is what GCAP does best! Organize a march or a stunt, get the media involved, create massive public equality circles – raise awareness on inequalities!

5.    Advocacy 
Bring marginalized groups and politicians together in political dialogue – get policies changed!
Hold governments accountable to implement SDG 10.

6.    Social Media
Share, tweet, spread the word! Of your events, photos, videos and the campaign. Let’s make Faces of Inequality go viral!

You can find more info in the toolkit and on the campaign website.

Together we are supporting people in their struggles for justice.
Together we are challenging the institutions and processes that perpetuate poverty and inequalities across the world.
Together we can eradicate poverty by ending inequalities and protecting human rights.
Together we can make “Leave No One Behind” reality.

Looking forward to working together with you to achieve this in 2019!


Beckie Malay
GCAP Global Co-Chair


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