Last December 8, 2022,  GCAP-SAAPE and PVA Asia organised a webinar on the Impact of Covid 19 and Vaccine Inequality in Asia. Watch the event again here.

In the online event,  position papers collectively done by GCAP, South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) and the people’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) Asia were presented. These captured the impact of the COVID pandemic on Asian countries, how vaccination took place in their context, what are the issues surrounding it and what the status of vaccination is in marginalised communities. People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) Asia discussed the global and regional contributions we’ve had so far, and what we will be prioritizing this 2023. We will be sharing these position papers soon through GCAP online platforms.


GCAP has been especially active in mobilising for vaccine equality the last two years . As shared in the webinar, this video on Last Mile Vaccination in Odisha, India shows how powerful the collaboration between Government and NGOs is when we work together to reach far-flung areas to reach indigenous communities. Efforts such as these must be replicated, in order to make sure we reach the most vulnerable families and individuals.

We remain committed to vaccine equality in order to be better prepared for the next health crisis, fix our rules for those, and always prioritize universal health coverage before profit.