The GCAP mailing lists are self-organized groups connecting members and friends of GCAP who have a keen interest in a specific topic or thematic. The exchange of information, sharing the latest publication or campaign ideas and encouraging stimulating discussions is the purpose of each mailing list.

Specific mailing lists allow very focused and specific discussions drawing on knowledge, expertise and grass-root perspectives from GCAP´s 58 National Coalitions. In addition to the mere exchange of information and opinions, those groups can work on policy positions for GCAP and exchange and coordinate in-person or online actions/stunts and submissions for e.g. UN events or other relevant fora.

If you have further questions or comments please get in touch with your regional coordinator or with Johannes Butscher from the Secretariat. Contact information for the secretariat can be found on our about page:

An overview of all GCAP mailing lists

Constituency Groups

  1. Women and Feminist Constituency Group/Gender Sign up here:
  2. Youth Constituency Group – Sign up here:
  3. Social Justice DWD Task Force – Sign up here:
  4. Persons with Disabilities Constituency Group – Sign up here:
  5. Indigenous Peoples Constituency Group – Sign up here:
  6. Constituency Group on Ageing – Sign up here:


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