In a concerted effort to realize Universal Health Coverage (UHC), Cambodia continues its journey despite facing challenges. The country’s commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare for all citizens has remained steadfast, even amidst economic disruptions and healthcare expenditure constraints exacerbated by the global pandemic.

The Civil Society Position Paper on Universal Health Coverage in Cambodia sheds light on Cambodia’s progress and the hurdles it confronts on the path to UHC. Despite constitutional guarantees to healthcare, people face high out-of-pocket spending, which poses financial hardships for many households.

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Key milestones in Cambodia’s pursuit of UHC, such as the implementation of the Health Equity Fund Programme and the enactment of the Law on Social Security, underscore the government’s efforts to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility. However, challenges persist, including human resource shortages, infrastructure gaps and geographical disparities, particularly in remote areas.

Civil society voices advocate for equitable healthcare distribution, affordability, transparency, and community engagement to address these challenges effectively. Stakeholders emphasize the importance of mental health support and inclusive policy development in Cambodia’s healthcare landscape.

Survey findings on pregnant women’s access to healthcare and garment workers’ utilization of National Social Security Fund (NSSF) cards provide valuable insights into healthcare utilization patterns, guiding future policy decisions.

Policy recommendations put forth by civil society organisations urge the Royal Government of Cambodia and development partners to increase healthcare funding, expand access to remote areas, strengthen primary healthcare, and foster public-private partnerships. These recommendations aim to address existing challenges and propel Cambodia closer to achieving its UHC goals.

Despite the hurdles, Cambodia remains resolute in its commitment to UHC, recognizing that collaborative efforts involving various stakeholders are indispensable in ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all citizens.