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RiVolti ai Balcani” collects and shares the appeals coming from individual citizens, activists and volunteers, bosnian, italian and from other european countries, aimed at stopping the humanitarian catastrophe that is taking place especially in the Una Sana Canton where 3000 migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, are having to camp outdoors.

There are currently close to 3,000 migrants and refugees in northern Bosnia who are facing harsh winter weather without adequate shelter, according to IOM estimates. Between 900 and 1,400 men are reportedly living in the burnt-out Lipa camp, another roughly 1,500 migrants and refugees — including women and children – are sleeping rough in the region of Una Sana Canton, which borders on European Union member state Croatia.

Bosnia has struggled to manage a growing number of migrant arrivals since 2018 and most recently, the EU called upon Bosnia to provide adequate housing for migrants who are stranded in the country and face harsh winter conditions.

According to estimates from EU and IOM officials, there are currently between 8,000 and 9,000 migrants in Bosnia.

Around 6,000 migrants are living in five centers run by the IOM.

Roughly 900 migrants are living in heated tents at Lipa camp, which the Bosnian army set up after weeks of criticism from the international community over the conditions at the camp.

Roughly 2,000 migrants are camping out in the woods and in abandoned buildings in northwestern Bosnia, and their situation is becoming increasingly dangerous.