International Women’s Day 2024

Dear colleagues,

On this International Women’s Day, let’s join hands to Inspire Inclusion!

We are delighted to share with you 21 powerful stories of women from across the globe  fighting for inclusion and gender equality – including Dalit women, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, women of African descent, women in remote rural areas and other multiple discriminated groups.

GCAP Statement on IWD 2024

“We the Women for Equality, Justice, and Peace” #InspireInclusion

The GCAP Women and Feminists Constituency Group convey a resounding call for change on crucial fronts affecting women globally. The statement addresses the issues of violence against women, the need for social protection for all, universal health coverage, inclusive education, and gendered vulnerabilities in the climate crisis. The statement invites governments, civil societies, and women globally to unite in advocating for policy changes and decisive actions to eradicate discrimination and foster inclusion.

Read the GCAP Statement on International Women’s Day 2024 here.

21 Voices from Across the Globe

We are pleased to present stories from individuals who have faced discrimination and adversity but continue to champion the cause of gender equality. Share your story and add your voice! Below you find the toolkit. Here are a few highlights:


Dipa Nepali, a village girl, battled caste-based discrimination during her studies in Kathmandu, fighting for equality for 6 million Dalits in Nepal.


Collaborating for menstrual hygiene in African informal settlements, supporting women and girls with disabilities is the need of the hour.


Paola Andrea, a young mother in Paraguay, asked to leave university classes for having her baby. Her story challenges stereotypes and empowers women.


Adwoa, a young trader from Ghana, had to sacrifice her education to care for her mother battling breast cancer. She dreams of a future with Universal Health Coverage and adequate education coverage!


Indigenous women in Peru safeguard natural resources, contributing not just for themselves but for the well-being of the planet.


A female agricultural worker of Pakistan advocates for improved living conditions with a focus on sanitation and health facilities.

Get Involved!

You can actively participate on the International Women’s Day, 8 Marc, by downloading the flyers linked in each testimonial. Spread the word on social media using the hashtags #InspireInclusion, #InvestInWomen and #IWD2024 and tag GCAP! @whiteband on Twitter and @GlobalCalltoActionAgainstPoverty on Facebook.

Tag your relevant Minister, Prime Minister, The President, relevant social media influencers and GCAP coalitions to amplify the message!

We have prepared the toolkit to make the work easy.

GCAP IWD 2024 Toolkit in English

GCAP IWD 2024 Toolkit in Spanish

GCAP IWD 2024 Toolkit in French

Thank you for your continued support in the journey towards equality, justice, and peace for all.


With feminist wishes

Martina Kabisama      Marium Amjad Khan      Caroline Usikpedo-Oliseowe      Pragatiprava Bai

For the Women and Feminists Constituency Group