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The policy paper “Sustainable Development Goals and Migration” is based on the findings of the report “Migration as a basic element of sustainable development” and presents the steps Greece has taken in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the UN 2030 Agenda framework.

All modern societies since 2015, when SDGs were adopted, have a common target: to implement the 17 goals, to achieve optimum results by 2030 and to “Leave no one behind”. Greece carried out a mapping process in 2017 and set 8 national priorities. The basic action priorities for the next years, was the mitigation of poverty and inequalities, in order to achieve innovative and sustainable economic growth, combined with strong and transparent institutions.

Despite the fact that Greece has always been a reception country because of its geographical position, it has never invested in the formation and adoption of concrete immigration policies in the Greek society. The increased number of arrivals since 2015, made this need even stronger as the integration in the Greek society, remained weak. What is required, is the adaption of the Greek national strategy and a plan with a strategic direction that will take into account both the particular characteristics of Greek society and the needs of the populations that it should integrate.