GCAP and partners have held the side event titled « SDGs and Migration in Europe » at the UNECE Regional Forum for Sustainable Development 2022.

This event is part of the Faces of Migration campaign which challenges the existing views on migration. Hearing and understanding people’s stories allow for more complex perspectives on people’s lives and why they migrate. The aim of the campaign is to change public dialogue and policies from “us vs them” to the human beings affected by inequalities that are structural and pervasive and how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an answer to create a better world for all.

The Faces of Migration page – gcap.global/faces-of-migration contains a plethora of materials, videos, and links to a mobile app /game on the topic of migration.

The objective of the meeting/recording is to share the results of the GCAP report on SDGs and migration SDGs and Migration in the European Union, with emphasis on the recommendations the report makes with additional inputs from several countries. Contributions were made from the Greek Ministry on issues of minors and link it with the ongoing VNR processes in Italy and Greece. The event took place on Thursday, 7 April 2022.

You can find the report here bit.ly/FoMinEurope

Moderation: Nelya Rakhimova: Open School of Sustainable Development, GCAP European Council Member


1. Andrea Stocchiero: FOCSIV Italy: introduction of GCAP and the Faces of Migration project
2. Sylvia Beales and George Gelber BealesGelber Consult: SDGs and Migration, report presentation
3. Andrea Stocchiro: Report conclusions and recommendations
4. Ada Ugoabara: Migrant experience Italy
5. GCAP partner inputs to the Faces of Migration project from:
· Slovenia
· Slovakia
· Czech Republic
· Greece
· Italy
6. Ms Sophia Apessou: Secretary of UAM Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum