Join the two-day workshop on 19. and 20. of April from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm CEST / 07:30 – 11:30 am GMT.

The workshop focuses on the current topic of hate speech on social media and how to effectively counteract it. The working language will be English and the whole workshop will be conducted by Lukáš Houdek from hateFree.

The workshop will also be attended by a special guest: Klára Kalibová from organisation In IUSTITIA, an expert who specializes in hate crime. The workshop is free for all participants.

To participate, registration is required here:

The workshop is primarily intended for campaigners of NGOs. It would be great if you already have experience in campaigning and would be willing to share it during the workshop.

Although hate speech against different social and cultural groups is not a phenomenon of just modern times, with the advent of new digital communication technologies hate speech is gaining whole new dynamics of spread, reaching audiences quickly and in huge numbers. As workers in organizations or activists dealing with the topics of human rights, migration, integration, social inclusion etc., we are highly exposed to verbal violence targeting vulnerable groups on social media.

We believe that the topic of hate speech, unfortunately, will be still highly relevant, especially in the upcoming months when we will have to deal with the economical and social consequences of the war in Ukraine and some populists may start to search for targets of blame. Let’s discuss together, how to moderate the heated discussion and deal with hate speech in a way that will not endanger our campaign, how to get prepared for future offensive statements and more.

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