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National Report on the Situation of Women with Disabilities in Mali

Full report available here.

The report is also available in French.

Discrimination related to people with disabilities in Mali remains a concern for all stakeholders and especially for people with disabilities. Women are the chief victims of violence and abuse in their many different forms because of social and cultural prejudices in families and communities. The research undertaken for this project has shown that there are many obstacles to be overcome if disability in the Koulikoro region is to be properly addressed, especially in the Kati Cercle where there is a lack of political will and social and cultural prejudices are deeply entrenched.

‘Inadequate or unsuitable legislation or regulations in certain areas, including travel and traffic; lack of knowledge of legal texts due to misinterpretation,
lack of awareness about them in the public sphere and illiteracy; inadequate infrastructure, tools and support services tailored to the specific requirements
of people with disabilities; attitudes, specifically prejudice, dangerous practices and stereotypes; unmet needs for assistance in the promotion and protection
of people with disabilities, particularly in the area of capacity building and financial support; insufficient data from studies and national statistics to
assess the impact of policy measures, and difficulties and progress made.