Whether we like it or not COVID is a disease of poverty, powerlessness, inequities and injustice – a disease of the disadvantaged – and gets entrenched in the poorest communities. We can only get rid of COVID if we respond together.

Dr David Nabarro – Special Envoy to the UN Secretary General on COVID-19

This global overview is part 1 of a 4 part series of GCAP´s Leave No Woman Behind campaign on women who face multiple discriminations, exploitation, abuse and/or violence take part in national explores the impact of COVID-19, including the measures taken by governments to contain it, on those women who are least able to deal with its immediate effects and later consequences. It looks at gender, age and disability inclusive policy responses and how they are integrated into the challenge of “building transformatively forward”. As an X-ray displays illness, the pandemic has exposed the ugly consequences of existing socio-economic, civil and environmental inequalities on women, already subject to multiple discriminations. The World Bank has described COVID-19 as “a heat-seeking missile speeding toward the most vulnerable in society.” What does the World Bank mean by vulnerability? Find the answer to this question and read more in the full here.