ActionAid Hellas Community Centre in Athens, organized a two-day event “Κolonos: Our sustainable neighborhood” on 20-21 September 2021 with the aim to enhance community building and support the call to make our cities more safe, inclusive and sustainable. The event was organized within the framework of Global Week to #Act4SDGs, an annual mobilization moment that aims to inspire collective action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event was of great success with lots of people and children participating in the activities. More particularly, the two days event included experiential games on the SDGs, addressed to young people of all ages, where with the guidance of a teacher they had the chance to meet the 17 sustainable goals by joining the pieces of the 17 sustainable development cubes and by painting them, in order to create a sustainable neighbourhood! Μoreover, a screening of the film « The Swallows of Kabul » was organized in order to inform the participants on the human rights violations in Afghanistan, the inequalities that people suffer from and their right to live in dignity regardless religion, customs and tradition. The animated film is about the lives of two young women who are in love in Kabul, Afghanistan in the 90’s.

The community center is located in an underprivileged neighborhood, which has high percentages of unemployment and single-parent families and its goal is to strengthen local people to claim their future. During the event, all the participants had the chance to celebrate and learn more about SDGs, to have fun and to come together with different people in order to build a community of active citizens and create a sustainable and inclusive neighborhood.

The event took place in the framework of the Faces of the Migration program.