Global Justice


We are experiencing the rise in extreme poverty and hunger for the first time in the last decades – while obscene inequality is reaching ever new heights. This is not a coincidence. A world that has achieved very high and unprecedented technological advancement has the means and adequate resources to end poverty. Various factors are responsible for rising poverty and inequalities and they are interrelated. Climate change contributes to poverty and hunger. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation followed by the war in Ukraine. The cost of living has exponentially increased due to rising food and energy costs, which affects the people living in extreme poverty the most who could hardly make ends meet and eat only once per day.

Nevertheless, the response of the governments to the crisis also shows: If there is political will policies can be changed in short time and immense resources can be mobilised. But the interventions during the pandemic were more of short-term in nature. The political will to address poverty and inequalities is missing because the rich and powerful who wield influence over national and even global politics don’t want to tackle the underlying causes of global inequalities and injustice. Under such circumstances the SDGs will not be achieved.

The international political, financial, economic, and social architecture, as well as the individuals who lead these systems, are failing us. The crisis and the context of global injustice has its roots partly in colonial history and deepening inequalities brought about by a shift from public policy to benefit all, to neo-capitalism, where social well-being for all is trumped by profit seeking by the few, and the poorest suffer the consequences.

GCAP priorities on Global Justice:

  1. Social Justice with focus on Inequalities – Social Protection Floors for all, including Health
  2. Climate Justice– For the most affected people and areas
  3. Financial and Economic Justice– Tax and debt justice under a new financial architecture to finance social and climate justice, Trade Justice and Decent work