SDG 10 Report on Inequalities in Europe & Beyond


Our new report Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in Europe and beyond is now available. 

Despite the European Union’s commitment to leave no one behind, millions of people in Europe are falling victim to widening inequalities.

This new EU-wide report shines a light on the impact of rising inequalities on people and planet. It consists of 15 national reports and 11 thematic chapters exploring key dimensions of inequality, including gender, age, disability, ethnicity and homelessness.

The report was created through GCAP’s Faces of Inequality campaign and as part of the pan-European project Make Europe Sustainable for All, in close collaboration with SDG Watch Europe, and with the contributions of 58 organizations.

National Reports

AUSTRIA – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

CZECH REPUBLIC – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

FRANCE – Report (EN) (FR) & Summary (EN) (FR)

GERMANY – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

IRELAND – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

ITALY – Report (EN) (IT) & Summary (EN) (IT)

GREECE – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

LITHUANIA – Report (EN) (LT) & Summary (EN)

LUXEMBOURG – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

NETHERLANDS – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

POLAND – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

PORTUGAL – Report (EN) (PT) & Summary (EN)

ROMANIA – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

SLOVENIA – Report (EN) & Summary (EN)

SPAIN – Report (EN) (ES) & Summary (EN)