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Interview with Polycom’s Jane Anyango on gender inequality and women and girls’ engagement in Kenya

Interviewed by Dorsina D. Aboagye, GCAP Secretariat On 18 February, SDG Forum Kenya, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), the Marie-Schlei-Verein and GCAP organized a conference on SDG 10 in Nairobi. The…
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GCAP coalitions: campaigning all over the world for women’s rights & against inequalities

GCAP Africa has 23 active coalitions in 2016. They are active on different projects and initiatives, most notably they contributed to Stand Ups in 2007 where up to 7,158 352…
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Climate Change Is Already Here: A Letter From Kampala

Dear Pope Francis, Kampala is abuzz. Thank you for visiting Uganda! The presidential election season is underway and we have been busy sprucing up the city ahead of your trip…
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In a Time of Ebola, Lobbying Action on Poverty

GCAP Liberia and a coalition of civil society leaders - representing women, youth, elderly, the disabled and democracy advocates - met with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in September to…
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