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Dear GCAP National Coalitions,
Dear GCAP Constituancy groups,
Dear friends,

How can we write you a letter of hope in a world that is becoming grimmer as every day goes by?
There is an increasing gap between the billions of people suffering impoverishment and the very few who become enriched as a result of the existing paradigm. The number of wars, violence, exploitation of people and nature and hunger is on the rise as a rich elite protects its interests by all means. What is left of the already low senses of unity and solidarity is breaking away, fostering hostility and exclusion of people who are rendered to be the weakest. The space for civil society is shrinking which is growing cause for concern.
But there are reasons for hope. Many citizens have awoken and discovered their sense of civic duty and responsibility and actively participate in initiatives, campaigns and protests, as volunteers, leaders or political activists. Millions of people and initiatives all over the world long for real and not false alternatives. They are a political force of their communities and countries. But the fight against inequalities and for peace on a global level remains a challenge.

In this context we have to see the results of the year 2015 at global level: At the UN 193 governments approved the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change – both are far from perfect but better than the MDGs as they can be used as framework to tackle the most urgent tasks of our time. We need to interpret the agreements of 2015 to make them work for the policies so urgently needed for the planet and the people.
The GCAP Global Assembly decided that we need a new GCAP to take on this task. We must forge a civil society movement to hold governments and the private sector accountable and to create new hope! We need a movement that is working from the bottom-up, based on the grassroot activists and their experiences with a strong political leadership and perspective from the Global South; many have been in this struggle for the long haul and have done so for decades.

The Global Assembly in September 2015 decided to continue our work, with a new start in 2016. Based on the results of the Assembly the Strategy and the Governance Structure for the new GCAP were developed. They express this spirit of a new beginning and show us a path for our work ahead.

We are very happy that 32 national coalitions (8 countries from Africa, 10 from Asia, 5 from Latin America and Caribbean and 7 from Europe) and constituency groups participated in this process in January and February 2016. Please see the contributions here for the strategy and here for the governance. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this lively process!

The Global Council and participants of the Global Assembly finalised the documents based on the inputs sent to us.
Please see the final documents below:

GCAP Governance document

GCAP Strategy document

We request you to share these documents with your members. And we request you to formally approve these documents as GCAP constituency group.

Based on the governance document the elections of the Global Council will start now. We invite you to nominate capable people for the Global Council in the coming weeks. The Elections Committee will send you a formal request for those nominations for the Global Council elections. We will send you a separate letter with the details on the process.

Let us work together to strengthen people’s struggles for justice, dignity and sustainability – with respect to Mother Earth and to make Leave No
One Behind a reality!

In solidarity,

Marta Benavides

Amitabh Behar

Richard Ssewakiryanga
GCAP Global Co-Chairs

GCAP Governance document final FRENCH

Governance Document FRENCH

Document de stratégie d`AMCP

GCAP Strategy 2016 ESPANOL


GCAP Strategy Document final FRENCH