Migrants and new generations are people who, despite many difficulties, live and represent real active subjects of our country’s development and international cooperation. If they are more recognized and involved, they can become important actors for the recovery and sustainable development in Italy and Europe.

It is essential to give value to the positive face, to the protagonism of those who live, study and work in our country; of those who create relationships and work to improve health, education, economy and the protection of human rights in Italy and in the countries of origin. These are the issues addressed in the video “Diasporas and new generations for the recovery and sustainable development” that FOCSIV and GCAP Italy are launching today on a European scale, as part of the project Faces of Migration.

For some years now, the diasporas have been engaged in a process of creating an Italian network of migrant associations with the aim of being represented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with the aim of contributing actively to the policy of development cooperation. In this sense, the National Summit of Diasporas has represented an open space and at the same time the path of construction of this ambitious vision.

With its numerous local and national activities, the Summit has managed to give voice to migrants and new generations living in Italy, in order to gain relevance in the political choices for sustainable development.  It is a tool to increase democracy through the active participation of migrants’ associations.

Our video production thus gathers, on the one hand, the vision and the hopes of some of the protagonists of the Summit and, on the other, the significant recognition of the diasporic world by the Deputy Minister for International Cooperation, Emanuela Del Re.

The voices and faces of Ada, Cleophace, Tatiana, Mani and Angie speak to us of their social commitment, of their desire to participate in creating a better, sustainable and more humane world. And if the European recovery plan has the title «next generation», the Italian political debate cannot evade the issue of citizenship for the new generations with migrant background. If Italy and Europe want to contribute to sustainable development in the world, for, politics must promote the active participation of new generations and diasporas.