A new awareness-raising video from the Diakonia is a part of the campaign ‘Feel The Heat?’, The spot wants to show that individual little steps contributes to sustainable future for all.

The video spot ‘Little things’ wants to motivate the public to make little steps for more sustainable life. The video aims to show that living sustainably is not difficult and it can be fun too. It illustrates how just a small change in our daily routine is a big contribution to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Goals.

We invited activists, popular celebrities as well as experts who make a significant contribution to sustainable development practices by their work. They speak about the issues where they “feel the heat” – sustainable fashion, development cooperation, migration, wasting of natural sources etc.

A target group of the campaign is young people of the so-called undecided center. They are open to discuss sustainability issues and are ready to adopt at least some principles of sustainability in their lives. Therefore, the video points out that little steps can be done by each of us.