The side event took place on July 9 2021 and was part of the official HLPF 2021 side events organised by civil society.  The impact of the pandemic on the groups of women who face multiple discrimination like the women belonging from the indigenous communities, DWD (Discrimination based on work and descent) communities, women with disabilities, elderly women, women refugees, and the new widows. It highlighted the intersectionality of gender-identity with community identities and deliberate the ways to building forward better. The recommendations focused on inclusive social protection floors and sustainable measures to address the violence on women during and beyond the pandemic through economic and political empowerment. Please find a slightly trimmed recording of the webinar below. The presentations from each panelist can be found at the very bottom of this page.

GCAP also released the “Global Study on Multiple Discrimination of Women During Pandemic”. The study has 4 main parts, preceded by the Executive Summary (page 6) and the Director´s Message (page 4). We prepared a brief overview below showing all cover pages of the main sections of the report below:

Page 14:My alt textPage 36:
Page 56:

Page 73:


Please find the PowerPoint presentations by all panelists below, click on them to access & download.

  1. LNWB global overview – Sylvia Beales
  2. COVID 19 and WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES in AFRICA – Nina Okoroafor
  3. Leave no women behind in Pakistan – Zia Ur Rehman
  4. Presentation on Indigenous Women – Kakay Tolentino, AIPP/NIWA
  5. LNWB on health sector in Japan – Masaki Inaba