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“Promises & Reality 2021-22: Citizens’ Report on the Year Three of the NDA II Government,” is a collective work by eminent members and organisations of the Indian civil society. The report covers a wide array of concerns and issues in thematic areas including health, education, human rights, freedom of expression, as well as a focus on marginalized and vulnerable communities such as Dalits, Adivasis, women, people with disabilities, urban poor, farmers, religious minorities, to name a few. Each chapter provides an assessment of the government’s  initiatives and actions during the year, includes a set of critical policy asks for each sector/issue/community, and highlights the key contributions/interventions of the civil society in India, especially during the second wave of the pandemic.

This Citizens’ Report (2021-22) on the government holds a mirror to how people’s lives, particularly that of the marginalized and vulnerable, have been impacted over the past year. In this context, the report becomes particularly important for people, communities and civil society
organisations to bring their concerns to the forefront and engage with their elected representatives and administration in order to pursue the objective of inclusive sustainable development for all people everywhere.

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) is a national campaign consisting of over 3500 CSOs, working together to promote governance accountability to end Poverty, Social Exclusion and Discrimination. WNTA provides a multi-stakeholder platform for civil society organisations and networks to jointly review government promises and performance across multiple sectors.

The Annual Citizens’ review of the Union Government is an important piece of this process to document an assessment against its promises to the people and Constitutional mandates. The first review was held in 2005 of UPA I followed by annual reviews every year. In addition to the annual reviews, a consolidated review of the 9 years of UPA (I&II), 100 days of UPA II, 100 days of NDA-I and 4 years NDA-I were also done (

As the Union Government enters the penultimate year of its second term, we hope this report contributes to strengthening governance accountability towards deepening our democracy, and facilitates inclusive, multistakeholder partnerships to build forward better.
Annie Namala, Roshni Nuggehalli, AK Singh and Amitabh Behar.

Download the full report here.