GCAP Africa has 23 active coalitions in 2016. They are active on different projects and initiatives, most notably they contributed to Stand Ups in 2007 where up to 7,158 352 people with activities in 32 countries. At national level, GCAP Africa has been active on March 8th (Women’s International Day), June 16th (Day of the African Child), before G8 summit, 7 7 7 (Mid-term review of MDGs) and October 17th (global mobilisation date) which culminated with the Stand Up event

Many national coalitions have mobilised on their own national dates. At continental level, GCAP Africa had workshops at WSF in Nairobi, activities to engage African film makers at the Pan African Cinema Festival in Ouagadougou, activities around the African Union Heads of States General Assembly in Accra.