GCAP Asia strongly condemns the military coup in Myanmar seizing power after ousting and detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other democratically elected leaders. Officials, journalists, activists and monks have been arrested by the Junta on dubious grounds. We denounce the firing of bullets, rubber bullets, tear gas at the protesting people, who are demanding the restoration of democracy, killing two people and injuring many. Human rights of the people are also trampled with the suspension of protective laws, thus giving free hand to the military to detain prisoners beyond 24 hours, search private properties and make arrests. We are extremely worried about the ongoing high-handedness of the force and escalation of violence.

Despite criticism of the Suu Kyi regime, we strongly believe that the democratic form of government is the best for Myanmar which not only establishes a legitimate government but provides space to its citizens to exercise fundamental freedom and nurture holistic development.

We call upon the like-minded governments to influence the military Junta to immediately restore democracy, release political leaders and others who are in illegal detention and stop use of force on the protesting people.

We demand that an international delegation at the behest of the United Nation visit and take stock of the human rights situation in Myanmar.

With the pandemic still raging on in many parts of South East Asia, fundamental freedom has been curtailed at an alarming rate along with the suppression of human rights and illegal arrests and detentions of civil rights activists and journalists. We call upon those governments to lift the emergency clauses and restore normalcy to their states.


In solidarity with the people of Myanmar,

The Undersigned:

On behalf of Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) Asia

  • Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA), India
  • NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN), Nepal
  • ONE Singapore, Singapore
  • Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF), Asia
  • Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA), Pakistan
  • GCAP Sri Lanka
  • GCAP Bangladesh
  • GCAP Philippines
  • Sanayee Development Organisation (SDO), Afghanistan
  • Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), Cambodia

Download the statement as a PDF here.