Actions on 11 March 2022 – the 2nd anniversary of the pandemic.

A comprehensive list of media coverage sorted by country  can be found at the bottom of this article.

We are now more than two years into the pandemic. On 11 March 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as pandemic. Millions of people have lost their lives and hundreds of millions lost their livelihood and eduction due to the pandemic. Many lives could have been saved, if rich countries and the Pharma companies producing the COVID vaccine agreed to share their knowledge widely without any intellectual property restrictions. This did not happen. Profit won over people!

Only 11% of the people in Africa are vaccinated. Many GCAP Africa coalitions have sent letters to the embassies of Germany, France, the UK, EU and the USA to demand the TRIPS Waiver. They also organised press conferences and other gatherings, stunts & events. Some actions have been documented and can be found below. This action was done in cooperation with the People’s Vaccine Campaign (PVA).

GCAP Ghana

The members of GCAP Ghana sent letters demanding #TRIPSWaiver of Covid vaccines, test and treatment to the embassies of Germany, UK, France and US in Ghana #PeoplesVaccine #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies.




On the 2nd anniversary of the Pandemic, the civil society led by CONGOMA/GCAP Malawi demands the #TRIPSWaiver of Covid vaccines, test and treatment! #PeoplesVaccine #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies



GCAP Rwanda

In a Press Conference, members of GCAP Rwanda raised concerns over low vaccination rate in Africa and made the rich countries like UK, Germany, France and also EU responsible for vaccine monopoly. #PeoplesVaccine #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies.

GCAP Nigeria

African lives DO matter. Its time to say YES to PEOPLE, and NO to PROFIT! GCAP Nigeria demands a #PeoplesVaccine. #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies



GCAP Tanzania

End vaccine apartheid in Africa and adopt #TRIPSWaiver of Covid vaccines, test and treatment at the WTO: Message to the leaders of rich countries by the members of SAHiRNGON/GCAP Tanzania in a radio show. #PeoplesVaccine #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies


GCAP Senegal

Press Conference by GCAP Senegal: The western countries must support #TRIPSwaiver to help Africa manufacture Covid vaccines. #PeoplesVaccine #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies


GCAP Mauritius

GCAP Mauritius engaged with the media to demand #PeoplesVaccine!! #PeopleOverProfit #EndCOVIDMonopolies





GCAP Zambia

A Press Conference by GCAP Zambia & video was produced to demand #TRIPSWaiver and #EndCOVIDMonopolies in Zambia

GCAP Africa press coverage related to the actions on 11 March 2022: