The COVID-19 pandemic exposed various forms of inequalities – which existed even before – in a much harsher way. This year’s Faces of Inequality Report focuses on how it has impacted the most vulnerable communities in Asia because of our failing systems (and those leading them) in the world’s political, financial, economic, social and public health structures.

In this report, we share stories from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, and from the Dalit (also termed as the Community discriminated by work and descent-CDWD) groups in South Asian countries. Download and read the full report HERE.

The is part of the global Faces of Inequality Campaign which aims to end inequalities in all its different forms – gender, income, wealth, geographical, environmental, abilities, justice, ethnic, et al. So many of us have stories to tell that are not being heard.  Together we are supporting people in their struggles for justice and bringing people and organisations together to challenge the institutions and processes that perpetuate poverty and inequalities across the world.

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