We present here the background document n.16 of the project Faces of Migration – FOCSIV that summarises the main messages of the recent Report of the UN Secretary-General in view of the International Forum for the Review of the Global Compact on Migration (GCM), that will take place in May 2022.

Civil society organisations are committed to calling for better implementation of migration policies (see Call for organizational sign-ons! Join us in endorsing the 12 Key Ways Position Paper on the IMRF – The Civil Society Action Committee (csactioncommittee.org)

The Secretary-General’s report highlights some progress in the implementation of the GCM, but several issues plague the governance of migration, from deaths and suffering along the borders, to unjustified rejections and detention, to growing xenophobia and racism.

Conversely, migration is essential for our economies as well as for the countries of origin, given that remittances are the main resource dedicated to reducing poverty.

Enhancing migration for sustainable development is the best policy to guarantee human rights, foster social and economic inclusion, leading to common progress according to the Agenda 2030.

This makes even more sense today, given the need to protect Ukrainian refugees. A cooperative government of migration is indispensable.

The back doc may be downloaded here.