Established in 1986, Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo-España (Coordinadora) / Spanish NGDO National Platform, is a non-profit organization that unites and represents Spanish non-government organizations (NGO) working in international development. It is made up of 75 NGDOs, 2 Associated Entities, and 17 regional platforms, which in turn account for more than 400 organizations spread throughout the Spanish state, making Coordinadora one of the largest second-level platforms in Europe. Our organizations are present in 105 countries in the world, with more than 3.600 project for Development. Coordinadora works to promote, support and represent its members, engaging in aid policy advocacy; public awareness and global education on the causes of poverty and inequality; social mobilization; and the professionalization and improvement of good practices of the development sector. It does this by carrying essential tasks such as: monitoring, assessing and advocating for development policies, measures and instruments; training and capacity building; networking and communication and, ultimately, channeling the concerns and demands raised by civil society in the fight against poverty. Advocacy initiatives As a platform of NGOs for Development, Coordinadora works at the State (both local and national), European, and International levels advocating for Policy Coherence, Human Rights, particularly Cultural, Economic and Social rights, tax justice and redistribution policies, budget and policy transparency, social participation and guaranteeing the space thereof civil to take part in political decisions that affect their lives and the life of others. Coordinadora engages in the exercise of democracy channeling member organizations interests in public participation mechanisms to urge government changes and improvement of cooperation development policies and practices. It is currently involved in advocacy work for the implementation of the SDGs at the state and local levels, and is promoting an intersectoral dialogue for the promotion of Policy Coherence for Development. Learning and Capacity building Since 2007, Coordinadora develops a comprehensive learning and capacity-building program with the objective to build knowledge and constructive thinking towards the strengthening of member organizations as cooperation development actors. The program covers a wide range of issues that matter to NGOs: from advocacy, public participation and development education, to organizational management and methodologies applied to development cooperation, with a strong focus on communication and ITCs. Development education and advocacy experience Apart from its own experience in development education, Coordinadora reunites organizations that have an extended experience in the field, in the formal, non-formal and informal spaces. Some of these organizations work together in the Development Education Working Group at Coordinadora. Coordinadora has a long trajectory of awareness and advocacy activities, particularly framed on the agenda of aid effectiveness. Of the most recent, we can highlight the “0,7% campaign”, which took place between 1993-1995 and aimed at a State Pact of Solidarity, which was finally signed in 1996. The Zero Poverty Campaign was launched in 2005 as a State campaign, which focused on, but was not limited to, awareness raising, lobby and social mobilization. Additionally, Coordinadora assumed as its own the principle of universality embedded both in Human Rights and in the SDGs. This entails working with a broad group of organizations and social movements in an inter-sectorial approach. Futuro en Común and Quorum Global are both two platforms that represent such great and collective efforts. This work also relates to the Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development postulates, which are core to the type of work Coordinadora promotes. Communication for development Coordinadora strongly believes that knowledge and information are essential to successfully give answers to social challenges and to seek change at different levels. More and more, Coordinadora’s work in communication goes beyond the dissemination processes to facilitate active participation and stakeholder dialogue through social networks and ITCs. Networking At national level the Coordinadora maintains close cooperation with other Spanish Social Action networks: Action for Global Health, PVE (Spanish Volunteer Platform), Climate Coalition, POAS (Platform of Social Action Organizations), POI (Children’s Organizations Platform), EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network-Spain), and AEF (Spanish Fundraising Association). Coordinadora is also member of the National Third Sector Platform (PTS). At European level, Coordinadora is a very active member of CONCORD partaking in almost every working group and in all hubs, such CSO Development Effectiveness, Policy Forum and the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DARE). Since its beginning, Coordinadora has also played an active role in the Women In Development Europe Network (WIDE) now in process of being restructured. Internationally, Coordinadora belongs to the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (FORUS), GCAP – Global Call to Action Against Poverty and represents its members in other related fora and spaces. Thematic focus

  • Eradication of poverty
  • The right to food
  • Access to healthcare
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality

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