AMASBIF was founded in 1996 with the vision to create a more equal and fair society and fight for the improvement of the conditions and safe spaces for the most marginalized, the poor and disadvantaged, particularly women and children. Its mission is to contribute to the realization of a better living environment of the Malian family. To implement its actions, AMASBIF has adopted a strategy based of «empowerment» or self-promotion in order to bring target groups (the population) to reflect on their own situation, to identify their problems and to identify ways and means to improve their living conditions. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of a better living environment and to the promotion of the safeguarding of the Family Well-being in the perspective of a sustainable and harmonious development of the Malian society in order to significantly reduce poverty and gender inequality, taking into account the inclusion of disability. The coalition actively works in inequalities by Community engagement with women and opinion leaders Sensitisation workshop for women and young women on MDGs and SDGs in the local community in Mali. The principles of AMASBIF are: · Synergy between the different actors · Efficient use of resources · Default intervention (based on actual needs) · Capitalization and dissemination of project experiences · Consultation between the different actors   Thematic focus

  • Participation and involvement of citizens and the authorities (administrative and customary) in all actions undertaken, from initiative to evaluation, with a view to fostering ownership and effective ownership of actions.
  • Information, training and sensitization of populations and authorities to better take into account the problems of the population in the policies and actions of development of their communities.
  • Collaboration with other organizations (national or international) in order to achieve these objectives.

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News from Mali

Leave no Woman Behind – Woman with Disabilities in Africa

The Woman with Disabilities in Africa report investigates exactly what the title suggests on 22 pages and is chapter three in the global report (3/4). Additional parts of this series…
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National Report on the Situation of Women with Disabilities in Mali #LeaveNoWomanBehind #IWD2021

In anticipation of the International Women’s Day 2021 on the 8th of March #IWD2021, GCAP publishes key reports from its #LeaveNoWomanBehind campaign. We encourage National Coalitions and Constituency Group and…
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Declaración sobre la situación política en Malí

Declaración sobre la situación política en Malí GCAP expresa su profundo pesar y preocupación por el golpe de estado o la toma de poder del ejército en Malí. Malí es…
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