GCAP Korea is a network on 21 organisations which works on eradication of poverty, decent work, reducing inequalities, tax justice, sustainable production and consumption and peace and justice etc.

Thematic focus

  • Eradication of poverty
  • Decent work
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Tax justice
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Peace and justice
  • Accountability of governments and the private sector
  • Partnership for Global Justice e.g. trade and the financial system

Governance structure:

There is a General assembly constituting 21 organisations, which meets once in a year. There is also a steering committee.

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News from Korea

PyeongChang Global Peace Forum – linking peace with the SDGs

Several GCAP members attended the PyeongChang Global Peace Forum in South Korea from 9-11 February 2019, including GCAP Global Co-Chair Beckie Malay, Abdul Awal from Bangladesh, Aoi Hioruchi from Japan,…
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