GCAP China is now in the process of revival. Its currently undertaking training the young students on organic farming and engaged in the SDG processes.
Previously, GCAP China was active in several areas. It organized two nationwide workshops in 2014 to promote the understanding of the topic of Post-2015 agenda for local NGOs. The training strengthened the ability of the disadvantage people in Post2015 agenda. It had done a three-day MDG forum with government officials, UN China system, representatives from CSOs and academia.
In the midst of the MDG implementation, GCAP China prepared several events, all of which were related to the first “NGO perspective MDG report” in China. The four groups of GCAP China held different workshops to share the experience and learning with other relative NGOs in the same time period.
 In the process of evaluating MDG and developing the SDG process, GCAP China had actively organize several consultation process at national and regional level.

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