On 16 October 2006, the Romanian NGDO Platform’s (FOND) first General Assembly took place with the aim to establish the national development cooperation Platform. After an extensive process initiated back in 2005, 34 nongovernmental organizations from Romania (including some of the most important NGOs from all over the country), have officially established the Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND). Today, FOND has 39 member organisations.

FOND Vision – a world in which Romania is actively involved in promoting international development cooperation and acts in solidarity and promoting equal opportunities for all nations.

Mission – FOND is a representative, recognized and active platform, both at national and international level. Its mission is to support the development and Implementation of a coherent and effective policy of Romania in the fields of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid, to increase the capacity of member organisations to educate the general public on development cooperation by implementing projects and specific programs, networking, training sessions, research, public policy and advocacy activities.

FOND represents the organizations that are interested in becoming more and more active in the field of international cooperation and humanitarian aid. FOND has 38 member organisations located all over Romania. Our members are nongovernmental organizations who are active and are willing to transfer their expertise to other countries, especially to the neighbouring ones (The Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine).

FOND members are active at the international level in:

Black Sea region and the Balkans, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Kosovo
Africa – Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Haiti, Ghana, Togo, Tunisia
Asia – India, Indonesia, Kirghizstan, China, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan

Ever since FOND’s establishment in October 2006 (officially registered in March 2007), the Platform has been actively involved in the consultation process with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) concerning the elaboration and implementation of the national development cooperation policy. As a recognition of the importance of this partnership, FOND signed a Collaboration Protocol with the Romanian MFA in March 2013.


Thematic focus

  • International cooperation and development
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Human rights
  • Health
  • Democracy
  • Education
  • Children’s rights
  • Youth
  • Public participation
  • Strategic planning
  • Social economy

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