Fórum Solidaridad Perú (FSP) is a civil society organization committed to the strengthening and consolidation of social actors for social and political transformation, based on the problems that cause dissociation in democracy, habitat and subsistence, in dialogue with leaders and affected people from an intercultural, generational, rights and gender equity perspective.

It works and promotes the articulation of social organizations, social movements and regional and national unions that share our vision and institutional values.

Together with these organizations, FSP promotes dialogue and the search for consensus in the design and management of policies for human and sustainable development.


1. Civil society and social movements increase their capacity to defend their interests and influence public policies on institutionalism, fiscal justice, human mobility, sustainable management of territory and resources, strengthening democracy and contributing to integral and sustainable human development, as an alternative to the extractivist development model.

2. Organizations and social movements are part of initiatives and articulations at the SOUTH – SOUTH and NORTH – SOUTH levels, promoting the confluence of work agendas on issues prioritized by FSP, for the strengthening of the regional and global social and citizen movement.

3. FSP has a constantly updated institutional team that generates and disseminates knowledge and learning, with presence and influence in local, national and global spaces. Permanently updates a planning, monitoring and evaluation system, a financing and resource mobilization strategy.


Forum Solidaridad Peru, integrates networks and / or working groups at the national level such as:

  • Working Group of Indigenous Peoples of the National Human Rights Commission Colectivo Amazonas (especially in the promotion and strengthening of the right to indigenous autonomies);
  • National Development Conference – CONADES
  • National Association of Centers – ANC.
  • National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru – ONAMIAP.
  • Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle – AIDESEP.
  • Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampís Nation – GTANW
  • Autonomous Territorial Government of the Awajun Nation – GTANA
  • Permanent Council of the Awajún People (CPPA),
  • Federation of Kukama Women “Huaynakana kanatahuara kana”.
  • Movement of Peasant Patrols (Movimiento de Rondas Campesinas)
  • Association of defenders of life and Pachamama.

FSP at international level, is part of networks such as:

  • Foro Social Panamazónico, integrada por 9 países de la Panamazonía
  • Iniciativa de Articulación de defensores/as de los ríos Panamazónicos del Foro Social Panamazónico, que articula a defensores/as de ríos en Brasil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia y Perú (https://www.forosocialpanamazonico.com/category/iniciativas-de-accion/defensa-de-los-rios/).
  • Iniciativa de Acción sobre Seguridad y Aoberanía Alimentaria y Agroecología del Foro Social Panamazónico
  • En el ámbito global, norte sur, International Rivers – IR, con quienes se desarrollan actividades conjuntas multilaterales a nivel mundial, campañas, foros, etc
  • Red Infostelle-Perú, integrada por entidades civiles preocupadas y aliadas del Perú en Alemania
  • Red Latinoamericana de Deuda y Desarrollo – Latindadd, con la cual se converge y coopera en puntos específicos del proyecto institucional.

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