The Center for Studies on Governance and Democracy (Centro de Estudios para la Gobernabilidad – CEGODEM) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2007, whose mission is to contribute to the autonomy, condition and quality of life of young people, indigenous peoples and LGBTI in Nicaragua through processes of organization, training, knowledge management and communication.

Cegodem’s vision is to promote the strengthening of social organizations that work with young people of both sexes, indigenous peoples and sexual diversity, that contribute to systematic social empowerment, reinforcing holistic thinking with a focus on rights, gender and generational.

As part of the institutional work, for the last ten years, the development of the capacities of Nicaraguan society has been promoted and encouraged through the active and proactive participation of citizens, in response to their trade union, economic, social and civic interests.

In 2015, Cegodem positioned itself as the organization disseminated and analyzed the post-2015 Development Agenda from different approaches of national interest, holding forums, debates, conferences and massive activities with children, young artists, university students, civil society organizations and members of private enterprise, government representatives and environmental groups.

In 2016 and 2017 it held the first and second edition of the Emerging Nicaragua Forum: The role of the three sectors before the ODS, in which, in coordination with private enterprise, academia, think tanks and civil society organizations, the contribution of the business, social and educational sectors to reach the ODS by 2030 and the national mechanisms to follow up and monitor the goals is discussed at a high level.

In 2018 the first report was produced: Challenges of the Three Sectors for the monitoring of the ODS, uniting our visions. This report was coordinated by cegodem, UNIRSE, Fundación AVINA, Red de progreso Social de Nicaragua which is a member of the Social Progress Imperative of INCAE Business School, and the platform of Social Youth Organizations of Nicaragua.

The National Coalition of GCAP in Nicaragua is made up of Cegodem, Civil Coordinator, Platform of NGOs that work with Youth, Business Chambers of Corporate Social Responsibility, UNIRSE, private universities and peasant cooperatives.

For the next few years, work is being done on the creation of the National Observatory of Investment and Social Development, which will implement instruments for the continuous monitoring of public and private investment, aimed at human and social development and the reduction of inequalities in order to meet the national goals of the priority DSOs by 2030. In addition, periodic reports on the fulfillment of goals and indicators of the ODS, and the annual holding of the Emerging Nicaragua Forum: The role of the three sectors before the ODS, under the auspices of Social Progress Imperative and GCAP Nicaragua.

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